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Friday, January 20, 2012


by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

The following list is what TUSD claims are the MAS books that "have not been banned." The list is taken from the 2010 Cambium report that gave MAS-TUSD two thumbs up and recommended expanding the program.

Regarding the list below, the context is that the list is not the biggest story; the story is that this discipline has been viciously attacked by state officials and MAS-TUSD has now been dismantled. It's is not an overnight story. The attack on the culture, history, identity, language and education -- of the people of Tucson, primarily the Mexican American community, has been ongoing since 2006. This act violates every international human rights treaty and convention.

When I asked my colleague Norma Gonzales, one of the MAS teachers at TUSD, what had been banned, she replied: "It's not just the books. It's everything we've ever created." This includes slide shows, art, posters, etc. The books total not seven, but more than 50.

In fact, to clarify, she noted today that she was told that she cannot teach the Aztec Calendar to her students. "Nothing related to Mexican history or culture."


It matters little if the district minces or redefines the meaning of "banned," "outlawed," "confiscated" or "stored." By dismantling the highly successful program that graduates nearly 100% of its students and that sends over 70% of its students to college, they in effect have banished all these books and the accompanying teaching materials.
This is but the tip of the story.

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  1. Do you remain silent? Or do you rise up in on loud voice, in unison, reverberating the echo of dissent in one very loud voice using one very very large microphone. We are our own enemies. There are no chains, that's what the master hasn't told you.

  2. Could you please re-print the banned books list? The images you've provided are too small to read!

  3. Point your cursor... they enlarge... but they are also listed in another post I believe in Feb. Will check and send that info.


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