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Friday, September 14, 2018



The fundraising campaign continues. The Raza Studies struggle in Arizona produced many narratives. One rarely heard was the role of the young women - from middle school students (who got arrested May 12, 2010, along with 11 others, mostly students) to high school and college students who took over the school board (April 26, 2011) to May 3, 2011, when many were beaten, including two women Brown Beret members, plus 7 women, including elders, who were also arrested at the highly militarized meeting that evening. They are being recognized at the UA Women's Plaza of Honor. Please support this campaign. Kim Dominguez was first recognized by feminist icon, Margaret Randall, several years ago for her role in this struggle. Within the past year, several more have been recognized. Another dozen awaits to be honored. More may be honored later. Here is one story re the Raza Studies struggle:…/it-s-time-for-arizona-s-school-board… For questions, comments, concerns? Please email: Kim Dominguez Here is the fundraising website for the MAS WOMEN'S PLAZA HONOREES:

The Maya-Maiz Living Roots Raza Studies Conference (Spring 2019)

Please support Spring 2019 Maya-Maiz Living Roots Raza Studies Conference at the University of Arizona! This is the active link here: