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Friday, August 28, 2020



by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

Sept 15, 2020


When you read the list here in the article of Raza killed since May 26, the day George Floyd was killed, the list has actually grown to at least 66. Here is the larger list.

Jose L Castillanos 5/26 Houston, TX
Jason J Gallegos 5/26 Lansing, Mich (w)
Modesto Reyes 5/27, Jefferson Co, LA
Robert Avitia 5/26 Los Angeles, CA
Rommel Mendoza 5/28 North Hollywood CA
Hector Hernandez 5/28 Fullerton CA
John Alvarado 6/1 Corpus Christi, TX
Jorge Gomez 6/1 Las Vegas, Nev
Sean Monterrosa 6/2 Vallejo, CA
Eric Galvan 6/4 Corpus Christi, TX
James Pharr “suicide by cop” 6/5 Socorro, TX (U)
Marcus J. Uribe 6/9 Edgewood, CO (w)
Erik Salgado 6/10 Oakland, CA
Gregorio Cruz Vanloo 6/11 DeKalb, Tenn (w)
Mason J. Lira 6/11 Paso Robles, CA (w)
Abel Rosiles 6/18 Round Lake Beach, ILL
Anthony A. Armenta 6/19 San Bernardino
Michael Torres 6/20, Lake Charles, LA (U)
Kevin Pulido 6/24 Pueblo, CO
Julie Colon 6/25 Plano TX (U)
Sandra Francis Guzman (plus 6 more) 6/25 EPT Migra chase
Martin H. S. Fregoso 6/26 Cobb County, GA
Nick Costales 6/29 Fresno, CA
Bonnie Figueroa Ortiz 7/16 Pasco, WA
Leonardo H. Ibarra 6/29 San Diego, CA
James P. Garcia 7/6 Phoenix AZ
Axel Perez 7/6 Jacksonville, FL
Carlos Baires 7/7 Fresno (U)
Name withheld by Calexico police 7/ 9, 2020
Antonio Mancinone 7/11 Monument CO (U)
Andres Guardado 7/11 Compton CA
Audon Ignacio Camarillo 7/12 McCallen, TX
Marcos Reyes 7/12 Chamblee, GA (U)
Julio Jaramillo 7/14 Deming NM
Jorge Gonzalez 7/15 Rio Grande Valley TX
Sean E. Ruis 7/15 Eaton Co, Michigan
Cristhian E. Ramos-Murrillo 7/14 Knoxville, Tenn
Abraham Rivera 7/17. Mesa, AZ
David Angulo 7/20 Chula Vista CA (U)
David Guillen 7/22 Aurora, CO (U)
Juan Carlos Ortega 7/27 Bronx NY
Julio C. Virula 7/27 Carmel Indiana
Ray A. Lara 7/28 EPT
Giovanni Cedano-Amaro 7/29 Las Vegas NM (U)
Gabriel Salinas 8/1 Mission TX
Roberto Hernandez Jr. 8/5 San Angelo TX
Ryan Shane Hinojo 8/9 EPT (U)
Americo Reyes 8/10 Grand Island, Neb (U)
Jose Vallejos 8/10 Albq, NM (U)
Fred JH Arcera 8/15 Oak Ridge, Tenn (w)
Ramon T. Lopez 8/17 Phoenix, AZ
Jose M Castro 8/17 Dos Palos, CA
Marco Antonio Sigala 8/17 Welasco TX
Santos A. Villegas 8/17 San Bernardino CA
Everardo G. Santana 8/17 Bakersfield CA
Jose Almanza 8/17 Chicago, ILL
Erik Jon Perez Bay 8/18 City TX
Derick Bonilla 8/18 Glendale AZ
Samuel Mata 8/19 San Benito, TX (U)

* (w) means they were listed as white and (U) means they were listed as Unknown.

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50 Years Later: A State of War or a Permanent State of Insurrection?


50 Years Later: A State of War or a Permanent State of Insurrection?


(Vea la versión en español a continuación.)

In Chicano Manifesto (1971), Armando Rendon made the radical claim that the United States and Mexico were technically still in a state-of-war (1846-1848) because, aside from illegally seizing half of its territories, the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo was violated even prior to its signing. This was done by altering Article IX and by outright deleting Article X, articles that guaranteed human rights and land rights, respectively.

While his premise is arguable, the observation remains relevant today because for decades after the war, land theft and lynchings against Mexican peoples were rampant, as was de jure and de facto discrimination. They were never or are today treated as fully human, nor with full corresponding human rights that are guaranteed to all, including by the treaty. The policies of this current administration have especially shined the light on their unwanted and unwelcome status today. For the rest of the column, go to and also see Spanish edition at: