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Monday, January 23, 2012

La Defensa de la Gran Tlamanalca has begun!

La Defensa de la Gran Tlamanalca or the defense of La Gran Tlamanalca (Tucson) has begun. Make no mistake, while the media tells a story about a program and a curriculum being in violation of the "law," the reality is that the school district and the state have managed to wage war, 1500s style in Arizona against Indigenous peoples.

The attack is against the Indigenous knowledge -- the foundation of the MAS-TUSD program -- and thus this defense is an Indigenous revolt that will wind up at the United Nations this May. We will be asserting our rights to Culture, History, Identity, Language and Education -- all of which are protected by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples... and nearly a dozen other human rights treaties and conventions.

For day to day updates on the situation in Tucson, go to:

For info regarding the march to the United Nations, stay tuned here. There will be a regional hearing in Tucson in March or April before going to the UN. It will be our youths primarily making these presentations.

Dr. Cintli

Some people say that the defensa of La Gran Tenochtitlan did not succeed. The defensa of La Gran Talmanalca will not suffer the same fate.

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