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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inspirational video: Tucson's Los Niños Heroes & Banned Books petition

First they suspended MAS. Then they came after the books. Students walked out. And now they've suspended the students.

If you missed Thursday's teach-in at the U of A by suspended Wakefield Middle High School students, and one Pueblo H.S. student, watch the highlights here:

Here are highlights of high school student, Juan, from Pueblo High School, that was suspended. He is third from right at photo above:

Here's a link to story in the Arizona Daily Star:

The students were suspended for walking out in protest of TUSD's decision to suspend the district's Mexican American Studies department. Because they were not permitted to return to their schools, they were at the UA, attending MAS classes there, plus conducting the teach in. After the last class they attended, they were notified that their suspensions were lifted. The classes they attended were: The History of the Chicano Movement and Indigenous Thinkers/Indigenous Philosophers. There is no word if their suspensions were rescinded or if there may be other suspensions of the other participating high school students from Tucson and Cholla High Schools.

Inspired by the teach-in, UA student officials are planning a much larger teach-in at the end of February where everyone will be invited, including TUSD and state officials.

Aside from dismantling the MAS program and thrashing the discipline, and despite denials from the district, as a result of HB 2281, books have also been banned/confiscated from the classrooms. While the media has reported that seven books were boxed and confiscated, the number is actually some 50 book titles. The teachers were actually instructed to remove all books, art, posters, etc from their classrooms. The list of books can be accessed at:

*** If you have not signed the petition re the TUSD book banning, you are welcomed to do so. Go to:

*** Also, reminder: On Feb 1, there will be a national Chicano/a Studies teach-in. This will actually trigger other teach-ins thereafter every Saturday in Arizona, but also, nationwide. Stay tuned.

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For other background stories on this topic, go to:

For up-to-the minute stories, including videos, etc. go to:

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