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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Donation info for the Maya Maiz April 24-28 Conference

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation for the Maya Maiz April 24-28, please go to and inficate that it is for the Maya Maiz Conference:

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Maya Maiz Conf March 1 Event: Yazmin Novelo & Online art auction

The featured artwork today in support of the Maya Maiz Conference on April 24th-28th in Arizona is "Maizyolotl" by Mario Chacon. Chacon is an educator and a long time Chicano movement activist going back to the 1960s. After going to school at UCLA, he later moved to San Diego where he has been painting for many, many years. This particular piece pays homage to the sacred Maiz of this continent. It will also be the official poster for the first day of the conference at the University of Arizona on Thursday, April 25th. The piece is available for bidding on our online auction website ( To bid, simply register, then bid on any of the items. The starting bid is $200 and 1st phase of auction ends March 1st.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Fighting Law Enforcement Brutality While Living with Trauma in a World of Impunity

Fighting Law Enforcement Brutality While Living with Trauma in a World of Impunity

A few months ago, I was asked to do a piece on what it is like to live with intergenerational trauma, for a special issue of the Genealogy Journal, on Indigenous peoples and intergenerational trauma. Here is the essay:  Fighting Law Enforcement Brutality While Living with Trauma in a World of Impunity

Friday, September 14, 2018



The fundraising campaign continues. The Raza Studies struggle in Arizona produced many narratives. One rarely heard was the role of the young women - from middle school students (who got arrested May 12, 2010, along with 11 others, mostly students) to high school and college students who took over the school board (April 26, 2011) to May 3, 2011, when many were beaten, including two women Brown Beret members, plus 7 women, including elders, who were also arrested at the highly militarized meeting that evening. They are being recognized at the UA Women's Plaza of Honor. Please support this campaign. Kim Dominguez was first recognized by feminist icon, Margaret Randall, several years ago for her role in this struggle. Within the past year, several more have been recognized. Another dozen awaits to be honored. More may be honored later. Here is one story re the Raza Studies struggle:…/it-s-time-for-arizona-s-school-board… For questions, comments, concerns? Please email: Kim Dominguez Here is the fundraising website for the MAS WOMEN'S PLAZA HONOREES:

The Maya-Maiz Living Roots Raza Studies Conference (Spring 2019)

Please support Spring 2019 Maya-Maiz Living Roots Raza Studies Conference at the University of Arizona! This is the active link here:

Friday, August 17, 2018

A call out to the current occupant of the White House

A call out to the current occupant of the White House By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez August 16, 2018 After being under relentless assault by the current president for some 3 years, on August 16th, the nation’s mainstream media – its opinion writers – are finally striking back. On this day, some 100 of the nation’s leading newspapers are set to publish columns in defense of the 1st Amendment, and against his continued calls to censorship and violence against the press. When a would-be dictator dehumanizes community after community, and also the press, it is good to see the media fight back. Aside from being a professor, as a life-long member of the media, this is my way of weighing in. Here, I asked mostly red-black-brown friends and colleagues from across the country, to not simply take part in this defense, but to also present, in the form of a call out, his v. our worldviews. To the current occupant in the White House: You believe that misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and white supremacy are the true ideals of this nation. We believe that all people are full human beings, entitled to full corresponding human rights. You believe that you must Make America Great Again. We believe that the lands of our ancestors have always been sacred (Michael Yellowbird, Dir. Tribal and Indigenous Peoples Studies, N Dakota State Univ.). ---- You believe the earth is to be plundered by humans. We believe the earth is sacred and alive (Dulcinea Lara, U of New Mexico).