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Friday, September 25, 2020

Memory, COVID-19 and Sequelae Violence



Memory, COVID-19 and Sequelae Violence


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In my book on violence, “Yolqui: A Warrior Summoned from the Spirit World,” a PhD student at the University of Arizona, Michelle Rascon Canales, contributed an essay: “‘Brokenheartedness’ or Systematic Killings: Testimonios and Sequelae Violence.” By doing so, she introduces the reader to a concept I had always known and lived but was unaware of its name: Sequelae violence. It might also be referred to as collateral violence or damage.

Something similar has been happening amid the COVID-19 crisis. It becomes clear when one examines the concept and rationale for contact tracing. One person is infected and the objective is to find out who the person recently came into contact with because chances are likely that they may have also been infected, especially if the contact took place in a large group indoors. The transmission often spreads among those closest to the person infected, who could also go on to infect those closest to them, and on and on. FOR THE REST OF THE COLUMN, GO TO:

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