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Sunday, November 4, 2012



The political battles in Arizona are long, very long. Especially in the last six years, the battles have been intense but there have been a number of victories. One such victory is that of Crystal Terriquez.

She is the young woman Rudy Acuña wrote about, and I wrote about a few weeks ago, who had lost her job as a result of getting arrested in defense of ethnic studies, the day after Gov. Brewer signed the anti-ethnic studies bill HB 2281 in May 2010.

In trying to save her job she received many letters of support. Her employer still fired her. But no matter, in the course of a month, she found a new job and our community also responded and raised enough money to cover all the bills she had to pay while without a job.

The next job at hand is to have the verdicts set aside (this will involve setting aside guilty verdicts for 5 of us). Toward this end, we have found an attorney that will do that. If you can, please send what you can, otherwise sending a letter of support is good enough because all we need is less than $1000 now. And we will get it. We will do a fundraiser in Tucson on December 7. It will most likely involve raffle tickets for artwork. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please consider sending in a contribution for the legal expenses. Any amount is welcome. For the paypal link, click here. Or copy and paste this address:

If you would rather mail in a contribution to her, put it in her name and mail it to me at:
Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez - PO BOX 3812 - Tucson Arizona, 85722. Or contact her directly at:
For info, you can reach me at: 520-271-6796 or 

* After we finish this, we need to concentrate or focus nationwide in raising money for MAS director, Sean Arce and MAS teacher, Jose Gonzalez, who are facing what appears to be blatantly frivolous lawsuit. To get information on that case go to:

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