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Monday, November 12, 2012

Re the Tucson desegregation plan

Pretty much staying away from insta-analysis re the Special Master's report, etc.  Despite that, it is our victory to assert:
In regards to the Tucson deseg plan - which in effect - calls for the expansion of Raza Studies to every high school and eventually throughout k-12 - that's our victory. In regards to the TUSD response... I could be wrong, but in effect, we in Tucson now have a new school board... with a majority that for all intents and purposes, is on our side. Thus, we can consider whatever the Deconcini law firm did as null and void, because it represents the old majority view, along with the view of the superintendent. We have yet to hear the voice of the new majority, but even then, that's looking at it upside down. We know what our community wants and we will continue with our demands. It is the responsibility of the new majority to carry them out!
Here's an article on next steps... with a link to the report:
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