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Friday, February 3, 2012

And still More Banned Authors (Cantos Al Sexto Sol, Wings Press 2002)

In Tucson, there is no one left to ban!

This book appears in the Cambium Report, confirmed by dir. Sean Arce, that it is one of the books that is part of the banned MAS curriculum. This is a cultural treasure, the product of a generation of writers, multi-generational actually... and multiracial and multicultural... More than 100 writers are included. That the MAS-TUSD curriculumm has been outlawed, banished and that the books are being "stored" in the TUSD school depository means that these writers/authors have also been banished... whether it's called censorship or cultural genocide... our community is not backing down...

This book was originally edited by a cultural warrior named Cecilio-Garcia Camarillo 1943-2002 -- part of the original Floricanto - In Xochitl - In Cuicatl - Flower and Song generation. Descansa en Paz - Rest in Peace.

Here is the table of contents (Welcome to the banned authors list... don't think there's anyone left to ban):


A.J., a.k.a. Dreamcatcher, Dream Catchers, Sage and
Medicine Wheels frontis
Roberto Rodríguez, Opening Prayer (in Nahuatl) xii
Roberto Rodríguez & Patrisia Gonzales: Preface xiii

Para Xilo

Delilah Montoya, Photograph xv
Delilah Montoya, Photograph xvi
Juan Felipe Herrera, Poema para Cecilio xvii
Carmen Tafolla, Semillas xix
Carmen Tafolla, Semillas (poem) xxiv
Reyes Cardenas, Para Cecilio xxvi
Reyes Cardenas, Transcendental Cumbia xvii
Itzolin Garcia, For Cecilio xxviii
Cecilio García-Camarillo, Vamanos . . . xxix

Arturo Lazcano, Aztlanahuac (drawing) xxxv

Introduction, by Roberto Rodríguez xxxvi
Roberto Rodríguez, from Mystery Forgotten l

Comienzos / Migrations

1847 Disturnell map 2-3
1768 Alzate y Ramírez map 4-5
Quetzalcoatl, A Prophecy of Peace 6
Jim Covarubias, Forward to Migrations in Ancient America 7
Jim Covarubias, Uto-Azteca (illustration) 9
Enriqueta Longeaux Vasquez, Chicana Aztlaneca (with trans.) 17
Juanita Jaramillo Lavadie, Toyita’s Vallero Blankets 20
Ethriam Cash Brammer, From the Seven Caves 22
Juan Jose Peña, La raza cósmica 24
Jaime Chavez, Nacimiento 26
Manuel Gomez, China 28
Dorinda Moreno, Ixchel: Goddess of Cozumel 29
diego davalos, reclaiming our spaces 33
Richard de Leon, Vamos para el viejo 34
Leticia Hernández Linares, Odisea 36
Isaac Saldaña, The People of the Snowy Egret 42
Inés Hernández-Avila, Mi Entrega / Mi Manifiesto 45
Olivia Chumacero, Pequeña Ofrenda para Mi Hija 47
Felipe Galindo Feggo, The Manhatitlan Chronicles 48
Felipe Galindo Feggo, The Manhatitlan Chronicles (illustration) 49
Joe Galarza, Quezallicoyotl (illustration) 50

Ancient Memory

Nora Chapa Mendoza, Reclaiming Our Spaces (illustration) 52
Micki Baldwin, Ancient Mexico and Native American Spirituality 52
Nancy Ovalle, Mining La Vida: Un Sueño 66
Sara E. Benitez, I Hear Aztlan Calling 69
Silvia de la Fuente Mendoza, The Color of My Roots 70
Chris Abeyta, Llorando al indio dentro de mi 71
Jacquie Moody, Return 72
Bobby González, A Warrior's Heart 76
Bob Haozous, sculpture (photograph) 77
Angela Villareal Ratliff, Silenced Storytellers 78
Susana Sandoval, Hija del Quinto Sol 79
Reyna Matiz, Desert Daughter, Listen 81
José Montalvo, Welcome to My New World 83
María García Tabor, The Sea of Cortez 91
Michele Lopez-Stafford Levy, Something Racial about Washing Beans 92
Nephtalí De León, La Virgen De Guadaliberty (illustration) 94
Nephtalí De León, Introduction to Aztlan Reclaimed 95
Nephtalí De León, Canto Chicano for a New Millennium 96
Ricardo Sánchez, A donde llegaste 100
José Montoya, Like Before The War 106
Renee Fresquez, Native Pride 108
Abril Andrea Zapata García, Me Llamo Zapata 109
Patricia Portales, Forgetting How to Say Chanclas in English 110
Kat Avila, World Without Borders 113
Kat Avila, Open-Mindedness: A Warrior's Chant 115
Xavier Garza, The Mexican Crabs Myth 117
Trinidad V. Sánchez, A Mi Patria 122
Trinidad Sánchez, Jr., Crossing Rivers 123
Antonia Darder, ’Rican Woman 124
Marisol Lydia Torres, Mi Abuelita 128
Cris Franco, The Cultural Climate 130


Antonia Darder, Keep America Clean (illustration) 134
Rosemary Catacalos, Nuestro Dolor 135
Reymundo Tigre-Pérez, Metamorphosis 136
Xilo Garcia, Santa Fe 138
Angela de Hoyos, Viva el mestizaje 142
Brigid A. Milligan, Soy la pequeña 144
Joe Olvera, Tonantzin 146
Carlos Cumpian, Cuento 148
Carlos Koyokukatl Cortez, Poema por el Día de la Raza 150
Phil Goldvarg, Tortillas Voladoras 154
Octavio de la Rosas, Adios a la Migdalia 156
Valerina Quintana, Chicana Code Switcher 158
Helen Rael, Of Eyes Brown 159
Donna Snyder, Coyote 162
Erika González, In the Darkness of a Moonless World 164
Tupac Enrique Acosta, Tezcatlalli 166
Milo Alvarez, The Revolution Has Begun 168
Shelia Sánchez-Hatch, a dream of bees 171
Rodney Garza, Mexed Up Mexed-Up Mestizo Mixican 172
Tammy Gómez, Home Away From Home 177
eddie raúl navarrete, n aztlan 180
Sylvia Ledesma, Aztlan 182
ChUZMA, The Wizard of Aztlan: The Return of Quetzalcoatl 183

Habla Mi Espiritu

Codex Tolteca-Chichimeca (illustration) 196
José Flores Peregrino, El Árbol de la Vida 197
Michael Heralda, A Man who Works the Land 198
Diana Montejano, Una oración en la tempestad 201
Suzan Shown Harjo, Songs Who Sing 202
José Antonio Burciaga, El Credo de Aztlan 204
Carmen Tafolla, The Storykeeper 206
Iréne Lara Silva, corazónaztlan 210
Rudolfo Anaya, In this Earth 212
Demetria Martinez, Blessing Poem 214
Jim Sagel, madrugada nuevomexicana 215
Victoria García-Zapata Klein, Encarnación 218
Mariposa, Ode to the DiaspoRican 221
Juan Felipe Herrera, Taking a Bath in Aztlan 223
Marcos Pizarro, Somos Aztlan 225
Andrea Serrano García, I belong Anywhere I want to Belong 228
Andrea Serrano García, Nepantla 230
Luis Rodríguez, My Name's Not Rodriguez 232
Naomi Helena Quiñonez, La Diosa in Every Woman 234
Tony E.A. Mares, Return Home 238
Guillermo Gomez Peña, The Self-Deportation Project 239
R. Rodríguez, Untitled photograph 242

Eugenio Castro, Cyber Vato (Photograph) 244
Guillermo Gomez Peña, Freefalling toward a Borderless Future 245
Tatiana de la Tierra, From the Republic of Generation Ñ 247
M.E. Wakamatsu, Rita Hayworth Mexicana 251
Alice Aguilar, From a Boxer and a General 254
Esmeralda Bernal, pardon me, my sisters, there are fronteras 257
Martín Espada, Heart of Hunger 258
Jessica Jaramillo, Sounds of El Norte 260
Yolanda Chávez Leyva: El Regresso 263
Violeta Ramirez, Dead Taco 266
Melissa Lozano, My Freedom Song: Wire Skin 268
Elisa Miranda, Soil of Padres 269
Ramon Del Castillo, My Journey to Michoacan 271
Ramon Del Castillo, Flowers From the Same Garden 274
Lalo Delgado, No Tengo Papeles 276
Josie Méndez-Negrete, Mojada! Mojada! Mojada! 280
Shirley Hill Witt, Contemplating Borders 287
Gilberto Chavez Ballejos and Shirley Hill Witt, an excerpt from
El Indio Jesús 290
Elaine Romero, Curanderas: Serpents of the Clouds 301
Leilani Michelle Finau, Go Back and Wake Up 321

Post Script
The Alurista Interview 329
The Aztlanahuac Project 333

Contributor Notes 335

Abelardo Lalo Delgado, Carnal (Closing Poem) 349

(click three images/pages below to enlarge)

* When the public realizes that it wasn't simply books or a curriculum that was banned, people will realize that it is a full-fledged cultural "auto de fe"... and a modern "reduccion," a brazen attempt, by a backward state and an apartheid school board, at cultural genocide. Couple this with SB 1070 and all its clones, and it becomes evident that indeed, this is a war against the body, mind and spirit of peoples who have been here forever.

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  1. Please accept my heartfelt condolensces and sense of crying outrage at this assault on an entire culture.

    My wife and I returned from Thailand last year after working with Karen and Mon refugees from Burma where that Fascist Junta has worked relentlessly to ethnically cleanse minority cultures; but I don't think this military junta has been as ruthlessly efficient as the State of Arizona and the City of Tucson in the carefully planned and rapidly executed, wanton destruction of Chicano cultural foundations.

    Please don't give up the fight. Extinctions impoverish us all. Peace from Canada.


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