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Friday, June 19, 2020

The C-19 Apocalypse: Beyond a Sci-Fi Reality

The C-19 Apocalypse: Beyond a Sci-Fi Reality
Thirty-seven years ago, I wrote a sci-fi story called nuclear dreams. It was about the aftermath of nuclear destruction, something that eerily resembles today’s reality.

I’ve always been athletic and so I always have a need to be outdoors. Today is no different. I cycle daily because it’s either that or my laptop, TV and Bad News.

That’s not to say that I’m not cautious. Quite the opposite. When I bike, I wear a bandana-covered surgical mask and gloves when I need them, and I always keep a safe distance from everyone, whether I’m biking, walking and especially sitting (I do this because I noticed weeks ago that when people without masks approach me, they usually cough. Cabrones!). FOR THE REST IOF THE COLUMN, GO TO: FOR THE JUNE 15 ISSUE OF THE PROGRESSIVE POPULIST, GO TO:

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