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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Smiling Brown: Gente de Bronce – People the Color of the Earth

Re the Smiling Brown: Gente de Bronce – People the Color of the Earth Project:  A draft of a preliminary article appears in

It has been reworked and updated and submitted as an academic article for the spring of 2014. It is slated to become a book, play and videologues. This week, I’ve received about ten more contributions, adding to the 75 or so previously received. This is an ongoing project, so feel free to contribute at any time. Looking for vignettes re color consciousness, primarily first memories of when people became conscious of their skin color. People of all colors can submit contributions… the color brown is emphasized because in this country, that is the color that is generally left out of the discussion re race/color. Looking for vignettes/testimonies/memories of any length, but recommended; 300-1200 words. You can also record into your smartphone and send the file or you can also videotape yourself. While the topic of racial profiling is perfect for this project, looking primarily for childhood memories … and how people came to realize that there was never anything ever wrong with our skin color, though contemporary stories also welcome. Inbox or (for more info), send to: There will soon be an interactive website. Currently, there's an FB Page by same name.

* I should add that the stories that have been sent in, as expected, are extremely powerful because the stories I have been looking for are more internal, than external, which includes the self, family, neighbors, schoolmates – all from our formative years. This means there is a historical silence associated with this topic. The objective of this project is to change the dynamics within our communities that for some 500 years has favored light-skin preference.  The objective is to teach children that all shades of the human spectrum are good – none better than the other. Again, no deadline, but please send in when you can. Dr Cintli

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