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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Truthout/Speakout: Operation Streamline Shutdown: Si Preguntan Porque? - If They Ask Why?

Scouring media outlets nationwide, it is evident that Operation Streamline – which was shut down by human rights activists on Oct 11 in Tucson – remains “America’s dirty little secret.”
One of the media outlets reporting on this unprecedented action – which included blocking the entrance to the federal courthouse’s parking lot – plus the disabling of two immigration buses – elicted this response from readers:
“They should be shot on site.”
“Just run them over.”
While many will decry this wanton display of inhumanity – the lens should not be cast on these types of dehumanized bigots. The problem with this nation’s immigration system is not the crypto-fascists outside of government. The problem isn’t even extreme right-wing Tea Party Republicans (am I repeating myself?). Instead, in this case, it should be focused on the operation itself. While the Bush administration created it, the operation belongs to the Obama administration.

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