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Monday, September 23, 2013

"Tlakatl: What it Means to be human" Symposium

University of Arizona
 Kiva room, Student Union
Tues Nov 19, 2013

All-day student symposium at the University of Arizona examining what it means to be human, particularly as it pertains to living in Arizona. Students will examine the history of de-humanization on this continent -- including papal bulls, laws, decrees, declarations and treaties... including present dehumanizing laws...

Students will present how colonial institutions determined who was human and who was not, who had souls, and who did not... etc It will include examining how governments determine who is legal and who is not. Presenters will include UA undergrads and grads, maestros from the SEED/SEMILLAS program, DREAM students, and high school students from Pueblo and Tucson high schools, and Davis Elem. There will also be community presentations, including several keynotes, including Chief Jake Edwards of the Onandaga Nation.

* After the symposium, there will be dinner and a community event.

Sponsored by UA-Mexican American Studies, Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras, Calpolli Teoxicalli and Tonatierra... and more.

Updates will be posted here, but if you need more info: 520-626-0824

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