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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tucson Labor Day DACA Sept 2 fundraiser for Miquiztli

Calpolli Teoxicalli would like to invite our community to support Miquiztli in paying his DACA application fees. He is of the Nahua community in Tlamanalco (Tucson), and has been very active in our community at a time when Arizona has been heavily under attack, particularly as a result of anti-immigrant legislation such as SB 1070 and the anti-ethnic studies HB 2281. As a dream student, he is involved in defending the undocumented population of Tucson, particularly the rights of our Jornaleros (day laborers) to look for dignified work and receive fair wages. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) fees are $465 and will permit him to go back to school to continue his education and pay in-state tuition at Pima Community College.

Everyone is invited to a Labor Day breakfast, from 8-10am on Mon. Sept 2. in honor of our Jornaleros at the Southside Worker Center, who have participated in many actions against unjust laws. The breakfast is free, but all are welcome to donate toward the DACA fees. Location to be announced shortly.

To make a donation before the event, you can:
* Go to a Wells Fargo bank and deposit to the name of Alejandro A. Valenzuela - account number 6096801466.
·* Go online and sign into your bank account and transfer money to the name of Alejandro A. Valenzuela and account number 6096801466.
* You can also mail a check in name of Alex Valenzuela to Chucho Ruiz at 1223 S. 8th Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85713

Our goal is $465.

For more info, please write: or call 520-551-5229

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