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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arizona sb 1070 Abuse Hotline


Arizonans Vow To Continue Working for the Repeal of SB 1070

Tucson - The CoaliciĆ³n de Derechos Humanos family and other local organizations join the millions across the state and the nation in expressing our opposition to the decision of U. S. District Court Susan Bolton to permit the immediate enforcement of Section 2B of Arizona's "papers please" historic legislation mandating that thousands of state law enforcement officers become the "frontline" for the U. S Border Patrol.

The community knows that the "papers please" provision is impossible to implement without racial profiling. But the State's lawyer and the Court dismissed this as "merely speculative that Latinos would face systemic racial profiling." This statement demonstrates the vast chasm and disconnect between their reality and that of the Latino/African American/Indigenous peoples. With historical and documented problems of racial discrimination in all areas of life, particularly in law enforcement for many decades, the accusation that we are merely speculating that illegal racial profiling will take place is indeed bold and unfortunate.

With solidarity among our brothers and sisters of all colors, religions, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicities, we stand together to proclaim, "You will not divide us - we are one family." The human family. We will resist SB 1070 until this racist law is repealed. We will document and report all instances of racial profiling. We will nonviolently resist in the political arena, the courts, and on the streets. We urge members of the community who suffer or witness racial profiling to call the Yo Soy Testigo (I am a Witness) Hotline at 520-261-5890.

Together we will march forward, unified in our commitment to resist and repeal this racist and irresponsible legislation. We vow to work to build a community where all may live and work together in peace.

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