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Friday, April 6, 2012

Burrito-Traficantes to descend upon Tucson

Last month, Indigenous runners ran through the desert in search of the best burritos in Arizona.

First the Librotraficantes came to town to deliver us banned books.

Now, inspired by Comedy Central's Jon Stewart show, Burrito-traficantes will be descending upon  Tucson Tues evening 6pm April 10, ensuring all MAS-supporters are fed burritos... this while showing support for Sean Arce, director of the embattled MAS-TUSD.

On this occasion, TUSD's governing board will attempt to nail the coffin to it's highly touted Mexican America Studies department. During this meeting, MAS supporters will attempt to force-feed burritos to the TUSD governing board.

If you  have not seen the segment, go to:

If you plan to sneak in your burritos, be careful and be prepared for the following, especially if you are wearing a hoodie:

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