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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Huppenthal reveals military strategy against MAS Dept in Arizona

The war against Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Arizona is not hyperbole.

The man who ran a campaign to "Stop La Raza" explains the military strategy waged against the Mexican American Studies Department, but in the process falsely argues that he has been vindicated by the courts. The case of HB 2281 has not gone before the courts.

Actually, it is in the courts -- Federal Court -- before Judge Tashima. This case, Acosta v. Huppenthal -- was filed in late 2010.

What Huppenthal argues is both nonsensical, and something else.  He is referring to a Kangaroo proceeding.

After the independent Cambium report (commissioned by Huppenthal himself) completely vindicated the Mexican American Studies Department, Superintendent John Huppenthal turned to an administrative law judge to essentially override Cambium. The ALJ is not part of the judiciary, but an extension of state government.

The proceedings gave Huppenthal what he wanted, relying on the testimony of an expert witness who was not an expert on Ethnic or Mexican American Studies, who never went into an MAS class and never spoke to an MAS teacher or student.

To view Huppenthal's military strategy, go to this conservative media site:
Aside from using a military analogy as to how the state vanquished MAS-TUSD, what we also have to remember is that TUSD was under threat of economic sanctions -- a tactic also reserved for enemies in war.

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