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Friday, September 26, 2014

Unofficial Book unveiling today at Mexicayotl Academy in Tucson

Official-unofficial... what's the difference... I will forever remember that it was at Mexicayotl where I presented my book for 1st time in public.

THE ANTS OF QUETZALCOATL: Today I unveiled my book, "Our Sacred Maiz is our Mother" at Mexicayotl Academy in Tucson. Well... it wasn't an actual unveiling (that's Oct 12 - Indigenous Peoples Day) but what it was is, I taught 1st graders, and 2nd and 3rd graders, about the Nahuatl creation story of Maiz: "Quetzalcoatl, the ants and the Gift of maiz." After teaching it to them, they extemporaneously performed it. It was awesome... In the actual story, the ants refuse to give Quetzalcoatl the maiz. At Mexicayotl, several students played Quetzalcoatl... trying to convince the ants to give the maiz to the humans.

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