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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Arizona Uprising Informational Forum = Huge Success!

Cynthia Dia re Oct 8 Tucson uprising 

MEChA event drew from 90-100 people

A few of the human rights activists who took part in Op Streamline shutdown

Forum was a huge success!

Dulce; on e of DREAMERS on national tour from Georgia

Luis, Dreamer, on a national tour. 

The Arizona Uprising Informational Forum on Oct 30 was a complete success. One reason is that it was UA-MEChA's 1st event in more than a year. It was very powerful also because it brought community together... and the community that came are many of the principal activists involved in the Arizona Uprising Oct 8-14. This included the spontaneous siege upon the poli-migra on Oct 8, when the police called the migra on a couple members of Corazon de Tucson... and members of Corazon called the community, which responded en masse, in preventing the poli-migra from extricating their "prisoners."In total 4 were arrested. All four were released within 2 days.

On Oct 11, human rights activists in a spectacular coordination, shut down the federal courthouse and Operation Streamline. In addition from chaining themselves to the fed building, they also dissable 2 migra buses. The whole objective was not simply to shut down Operation Streamline that day, but to shut it down permanently. From this action, 24 were arrested; 18 felonies on charges of "hindering prosecution."

Several participants spoke on the ICE shutdown. After advertising the shutdown of ICE for a month, and after Tuesday's action, the Phoenix Migra shut itself down from Oct 11-14. On Oct 14, human rights activists also shutdown the Eloy immigration detention center, operated by the private Correctional Corporation of America.

The forum concluded with 2 dreamers on a national tour, speaking about the DREAM movement and the BringThemHome campaign.

Thanks to UA-MEChA for bringing it all together.

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