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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tlamanalco Wins!

In our six-year battle over Mexican American Studies, Tlamanalco has won!

Details are forthcoming...

Our victory took place perhaps 2 years ago... when we ran through the desert.

But a few politicians got in the way.

You will see details shortly.

The victory is sweet... and we still have to do some fighting... perhaps a lot more protests... but about our victory, there is no doubt about that.

When the dust clears, people will understand how the youths of our Tucson community -- kicked a lot of behinds to make this victory possible. But truly, they turned to our traditions, with the assistance of Calpolli Teoxicalli and other Indigenous maestros and elders from throughout this continent. Most outsiders are clueless about what has actually been going on... but rest assured, the stories will soon surface.

Congratulations to UNIDOS, Social Justice (SJEP) and MEChA for making this victory possible.

Again, this victory will become evident in the next few days, weeks and months. And this victory has already spread nationwide... the seeds have been planted and we will see the maiz very soon!

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