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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Corriendo Educando or Teaching/Learning While Running

Tucson to Phoenix runners arrive at the school board of education in Phoenix to deliver a message

I have been writing most of my life, and have always been proud of my work. This academic piece, on running epistemology, is very special as it was birthed in not simply Tucson's human rights struggles, but also, in its barrios. Enjoy. Thanks to the runners of Calpolli Texicalli of Tlamanalco (Tucson) and Tonatierra, the Yaqui and O'odham runners of Southern Arizona and all those other runners that I run with through the desert. Please feel free to post and forward. Thanks

Roberto Dr Cintli Rodriguez,

Tucson to Phoenix Run 2012 (previous run was in 2009)

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies
Volume 5, Number 1, 2012
Corriendo Educando or Teaching/Learning While Running
Roberto Dr Cintli Rodriguez, University of Arizona

Indigenous ceremonial running is traced back many hundreds of years and generally forms
part of larger ceremonial ways. Today, running functions as part of athletic events,
although running can also function as a means to commemorate a past event (memory)
and as a means to transmit ancestral or traditional knowledge. This article examines
running as a means of learning and acquiring knowledge and as a method of teaching and
raising consciousness. It also considers how ceremonial running has transformed the
Tucson community, which has been involved in intense human rights struggles, particularly
in the struggle to teach Ethnic Studies and examines the testimonios of the runners.

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