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Monday, July 23, 2012

Raza Studies Now Conf July 21, 2012

Close to 150 attendees at Raza Studies Now Conference at Santa Monica College
Conf feature three panels and 7 breakout sessions

Working Conference to bring Raza Studies to S. Cal Schools

Tucson's Social Justice and UNIDOS students presented

One Topic was analysis of Occupied America by Carlos Maldona

After conf, attendees gathered at Pico Youth Center to support UNIDOS/SJEP students

Prior to conf, SJEP/UNIDOS met with L.A.'s Inner City Struggle

SJEP/UNIDOS/Inner City Struggle
SJEP/UNIDOS Presented at Tia Chucha's before heading home

The Raza Studies Now! Conference at Santa Monica College was a complete success, though it was not meant to be a one-time event. The objective of this conference was to emulate the 1969 Plan de Santa Barbara, which produced a blueprint for Chicano/Chicana Studies for colleges and universities nationwide.

The objective of the Raza Studies Now conference is to produce a brownprint for Raza Studies at the pre-K-12 level. As such, the tasks from the conference, the working groups will followup on the topics of the conference and will produce a document(s) to be helpful for the purposes of planting the seeds of Razza Studies nationwide.

The conference was also held to support Tucson's Raza Students and its students who have been battling in defense of Raza Studies since 2006 and to support Tucson's Freedom Summer:

A followup to this conference will take place in Sept and Oct. (More shortly on this and the followups).

The continuing conference has a website at:

UNIDOS can be reached at: Website: and facebook!

For more info, CONTACT: Elias Serna of Association of Mexican American Educators or 323–350–3548

Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez or 520-271-6796

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