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Monday, June 11, 2012

Race-based studies can't be justified

This appeared today in the Arizona Republic:

by Tom Horne
Race-based studies can't be justified
Students must be seen as individuals, not as groups

Professor Roberto Rodriguez should get the Hypocrisy of the Year Award for his column "Demonizing Mexican-American studies is unjust" (Arizona Republic Opinions, May 28).

MAS used to be called "Raza" studies ("la raza" means "the race" in Spanish). It was found by an objective administrative judge to be in violation of Arizona's law prohibiting dividing students by race, teaching ethnic chauvinism, or teaching resentment toward other races, and was then canceled by the Tucson Unified School District governing board.

Rodriguez complains of alleged death threats. Obviously, we would all condemn any such threats.
For rest of column, go to:

You will note that in the entire column, aside from being incorrect about virtually everything, he actually does not denounce the death threats. The trial for the death threats has been rescheduled for Aug 7 in Tucson. Of course, I will respond to Horne's falsehoods (all of them).

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